At AEW Consult, we combine sales and marketing process and industry knowledge with digital tech experience. Now healthcare businesses can reach full potential adopting disruptive change to drive better patient outcomes. With experience in healthcare technology, knowledge of containing rising costs, awareness of changing market demographics and an evolving regulatory environment, AEW Consult can assist with solutions that increase efficiency, mitigate risk, and enhance customer satisfaction.

AEW Consult’s expertise as a sales, marketing and procurement consultancy with over 25 years’ experience at senior levels means that we can help you to build business fast. We work across healthcare in the UK and other markets globally.

Negotiating high value trade deals in healthcare related goods ranging from digital therapeutics, SaaM (Software as a Medicine) and SaaS innovations through to sales and distribution of medical supplies to Government procurement standards.

Experience has included multi-£million unrivalled success in new to market med-tech product launch making the market for Robotic Automation and SaaS sales and support product launches into UK NHS and retail pharmacy space.

Sales and Marketing

Able to lead dynamic senior account management sales teams in C-suite business development, SaaS, Robotic Automation, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and equipment, its related engineering/digital support and further bespoke solutions across the UK NHS and private markets. We are all about driving efficiency improvements in patient/disease management, pharmacy/logistics supplies and in the care home market too.

Previous Experience

Prior career in Medical device and Pharmaceutical marketplace in sales and marketing leadership. Sales force excellence and market access in regional, national and international markets at board level with over 25 years’ experience in major blue chip, SMEs and start-up businesses.

P&L Savvy, Strategy & Forcasting Effectiveness

Adept at developing the appropriate strategies in order to lead the sales process, we really get 'how' to upgrade any sales team’s skill set, techniques ‘playbooks’ and approach to make them more successful. Building strong sales-pipelines, enabling workable forecasting. Alongside, we have spent good time in the marketing agency environment leading multiple complex projects across other sectors delivering both digital and social marketing. This experience gives us the breadth and depth to advise SME and corporate leaders in Sales and commercial strategic thinking.

Current Projects

  • Provision of interim Sales and Marketing Director expertise with market leading digital healthcare provider focusing on ensuring that UK’s best digital therapeutic offering gets to as many patients as can benefit from the software to gain control of their health and lifestyle.
  • Leveraging experience gained in strategic procurement to assist global supply of fast-moving medical equipment into government supplies., markets in Europe, North America and the far East.

AEW Consult Limited, Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX

AEW Consult Limited, Kemp House,

160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX

+44 (0)797 3559820